World No Tobacco Day

This week the scientific community rose up to offer a collective message to the World Health Organisation calling on it to recognise e-cigarettes as part of the solution to the tobacco problem and not part of the problem, all viewed in a harm reduction context. Here is an article from Clive Bates that gives you a really good overview of the case being presented.

 CE4 extiguisher

It is a timely bit of positive news for the electronic cigarette industry given that tomorrow is the official World No Tobacco Day which is an initiative of the World Health Organisation. 

To mark this important day, Liberty Flights has decided to go a bit crazy with a load of promotions and discounts to reward our existing customers and encourage smokers who are considering quitting to make the switch on this significant day.

So, deep breath, here are the things we are doing:

  • A special 25% discount code to be used on our website – It will be published on our Facebook page very soon so please ‘like’ us and keep an eye out for that post!
  • A special Like and Share promotion on Facebook with a prize of 10 of our premium XO e liquids.
  • A Twitter Follow and Retweet promotion with a prize to win 10 of our premium XO e liquids.
  • 25% discount for all our retail store customers all day on Saturday 31st May. Our list of stores and their locations are shown below:

Map-15-05-2014 (Finchley)-01

Terms and conditions apply.

Please share this message with any of your friends and family who are smokers and might consider making the switch on World No Tobacco Day – it could be the best decision they ever make….

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