Why does my vape taste burnt with new coil? Get a solution.

why does my vape taste burnt with new coil

How to avoid a nasty burnt taste when vaping.

There’s nothing worse than taking a vape hit and getting that vile burnt taste. Well, there’s actually a lot worse things in the world than this. But in the vaping world, it’s right up there.

Understandably coils can burn out after they’ve been used for a while, but why does your vape taste burnt with a new coil in it? It could be one of several reasons, which we’ve covered off in this article. We can’t guarantee you’ll never get that horrible burnt taste ever again, but at least if you know what to look out for, you can reduce the risk.  

Did you prime the coil?

Priming the coil every time you put a new one into your vaping device is really important. The wick needs to go from completely dry to soaked in e-liquid so that it doesn’t burn and create the unpleasant taste.

Leaving it long enough (at least five minutes) after replacing the coil and filling up the tank could be enough, but you can never be certain if the wick has absorbed enough e-liquid. By manually soaking it, you definitely know you’re good to go.

To prime the coil, simply add a few drops (three to five) of e-liquid directly onto the wick through the top and at the ports around the side, then allow to soak in a full tank before using. 

Are you chain vaping?

Avoid taking hit after hit to give your coil chance to reabsorb more e-liquid. By waiting at least five seconds before firing again will help stop the coil drying out and causing a burnt taste.

Is the temperature too high?

If the temperature on your vaping device is set too high, it will quickly burn off any e-liquid on the wick and start to burn it. Simply lower the temperature to help avoid this.

To further minimise the chance of getting a burnt taste, you could try a temperature control (TC) vaping device. TC vaping devices like the Aspire Archon 150W allow you to set a maximum temperature for your coil. If it reaches this temperature, it cuts the power. So even if you try to vape without any e-liquid, it won’t let you, which prevents the wick from burning.

Is your e-liquid tank empty?

If there’s no e-liquid flowing to the wick it will burn and give you that nasty taste. To help avoid this happening, get into the habit of always filling up your tank when it drops to a quarter full.

Have you got air bubbles?

In pod devices, air bubbles can form around the wick, causing it to burn. To clear them and stop your vape tasting burnt, simply give the pod a bit of a tap or shake.

Are you using a VG heavy e-liquid? 

Some VG heavy e-liquids are too dense for coils that are designed for 50/50 e-liquids or PG heavy e-liquids and they struggle to wick. If you have changed your coil type or e-liquid, it’s worth checking they are compatible. 

Are you using sweet or high-nicotine e-liquids? 

Certain e-liquid flavours, especially those with lots of sweeteners (like custard) or ones with high nicotine levels, can clog up the coil and wick very quickly. Even if you’ve only recently replaced the coil, it might not take long for it to get gunked up, leaving you with the unpleasant taste of burnt paper rather than your favourite pudding. 

Have you got a bad coil?

You might be unlucky and have a dud coil. If you’ve tried the other suggestions on this page and you’re still getting a burnt taste, you’ll just have to suck it up (not literally) and replace it with another new one.

Does your vape still taste burnt with a new coil?  

Hopefully, after reading this you’ve worked out what was causing your vaping device to taste burnt, even if it had a new coil fitted, and now you’re contently sat enjoying flavoursome hits. If not, one of our advisors might be able to suggest something else. Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to help you.

15 thoughts on “Why does my vape taste burnt with new coil? Get a solution.

  1. Hi. I have a smok RPM80.
    Last three coils I’ve primed but within a few puffs it’s burned out the coil
    Not sure if throwing good money after bad. It was only on 13 watts.
    Am I doing something wrong or do you think I should just buy a new one
    The liquid is 12 mg nicotine

    Thanks Di

  2. My new smok n19 kit is brand new and constantly tastes burnt idk if its bc its from e-bay or something or if its the level my e-liquid in it, its 11 idk if that to much or anything

  3. I recently upgraded my old smok baby to the new x8 baby. I primed my coil and left it for an hour but its still tasting burnt and its really hard on my throat. The oil I’m using is same one’s I used in my old baby with no issues. They are LiQuid 6mg oils.

    • Hi Laura, your new tank might have a different coil type and might be running hotter than your old tank. You might need to lower the power of the device or try different coils. With a 6mg e-liquid, in what is probably a 50/50 base, you won’t be able to run the coils at high power.

  4. Hello, I took a new blueprint, do everything as you described it and the blueprint says that you can smoke from 60 to 80 watts when I try it at 65, I feel burnt, why?

    • Hello Vasi, did your new device come with a selection of coils? With some devices and tanks, you will receive a range of coils with different resistances and not all those coils will work at the power range you are trying to vape. If you are confident you have the correct coil installed, the issue may be with the type of juice you are using; in essence, the liquid is not wicking quickly enough, causing the dry hits. I would back off on the power, drop it to say 40w, then increase the power taking a few draws in 5w increments until it starts to taste the burnt and then back off a few watts. You have to be careful with this as if you take too many draws and the wicking material is burning, you might not be able to get rid of the burnt taste.

  5. Hi. I bought a brand new vape and liquid today.. I left the liquid for ten minutes before using it and it got boiling hot. Now it tastes burnt.???

  6. I have a burned taste in my e cig, I have put a brand new coil in and clean and new liquid in but it’s still taste burned what do I do??

    • Hello Katie, this can happen if the coil was not primed before you attempted to use it, or if the power/temperature was set too high for the coil. If the coil still tastes burnt, then you should change the coil.

      • The guy at the vape store told me some vapes can’t take salt nicotine without being so burnt. So it seems important which nicotine you’re using. Now I bought an alternative salt nicotine friendly vape, Waabam no burnt taste.

  7. I have been having a burnt taste in my Vape – even after priming and waiting an hour+, and have changed the coil.
    I’m not sure what my vape is called as I have had it quite a long time but still in very good condition as I went through a period of time where it was unused.
    I have recently changed to the Tasty Fruity Citrus Burst with 2x Nic shots in the 120ml bottle – and I am not sure if it is the juice as the previous Tasty Fruity juice was fine – so just needing to check whether the juice itself is suitable for my vape.
    The coils I have are SMOK Vape Pen 22 Replacement Coil 0.3 ohm

    • Hello Marissa, is your device variable voltage or variable wattage? With new, primed coils you should not have issues with burning unless the coils are getting too hot. Have you tried another coil?

      We do not make a liquid called Tasty Fruity Citrus Burst. You might have issues with coil longevity with e-liquids if they contain more sweetener; this can build up quickly on the wicking material, reducing the ability of the wick to get liquid to the coil.

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