Stroke sufferer to help others E-scape The Addiction with her new Royston shop

by Rebecca Day for Royston Crow


A Royston woman who suffered a series of strokes due to a serious underlying condition has set up an e-cigarette shop to help other people trying to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes.

In November, she had an MRI scan, and after a series of tests, medical experts discovered she had severe right sided intracranial carotid artery stenosis – a serious condition in which the main artery going from the heart into the brain is severely narrowed – which can lead to strokes.

Tracie was told to stop smoking immediately by her neurologist, as her life depended on it.

She threw away her last packet and opted for vapour cigarettes instead.

After travelling to and from Letchworth and Cambridge to get Liberty Flights e-cigarettes – as they are not available in Royston – Tracie decided it was time to set up her own shop in the town.


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