5 thoughts on “Liberty Flights official statement on recalled iPV3 models

  1. How can any body suggest that this is “AN EPIC FAIL”? This was a recall on behalf of our safety if even a hint of a failure with a product is suggested I would rather a recall than a device such as this fail on me.

    Would you rather some thing fail then after try and claim especially if you suffered physical damage or have the product recalled and investigated first? I know what the sensisible answer is as well as you do.

    No device should have any kind of smoke coming from it no matter what the substance is that’s producing the smoke unless it’s a design feature.

    Would you be happy too sit in front of your TV and have smoke coming from it or driving your car and have smoke coming from the air vents?

    Use a bit of common sense stop shouting at a decision that was made with your safety at the centre of it.

    • I donĀ“t know the details, but nobody has talked about smoke coming from the device.

      An epic failure is sounding the alarm throughout the world on a problem that is not. To me it seems great to watch our security, but before throwing baseless accusations make sure what is said. And it is doubly an epic failure not only because it has unnecessarily alarmed IPV3 users but also for the reputation of the store, which had already devised a plan to return and refund before they have check the alleged failure itself.


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