‘NEW’ DOT PRO Vape Kit

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The Future of Vaping has arrived – NEW ‘DOT PRO’ Vape Kit

Click & Go Pod Device

Firstly, what are pod systems?

Pod systems are vaping devices that use a prefilled cartridge called a pod, that holds the e-liquid. These are very popular with new vapers, mainly because they are cheap and simple to use as you simply pop in the pod and inhale to activate. Pod devices are unbeatable when it comes to convenience. The DOT PRO Vape Kit is a market leading pods system for vapers.

DOT PRO vs DOT Vape Kit

New DOT PRO Vs. DOT Vape – What are the key differences?

DOT PRO Vape Kit replaces the hugely successful DOT. They may look very similar but there are big differences between the two generations. Let’s take a closer look.

Taste Beyond Improved Flavour

Taste Beyond – More flavours from more brands

The goal of DOT PRO is to create a much more vaper friendly approach to the category. A number of industry-leading brands, including Liberty Flights and Vampire Vape, have come together. Meaning you will have even more choice of flavours from some of the biggest vaping brands.

The DOT PRO is currently available in 7 favourite XO flavours.  Look out for our growing DOT PRO Pod collection.

Better Together Liberty Flights & Vampire Vape

Better Together – Uniting vapers with choice

We have kept the use of a ceramic coil in the DOT PRO Vape Kit, as this delivers better flavour, but we have introduced an industry-leading mesh honeycomb design that has a high absorption rate. That means it evenly heats e-liquid through its thousands of micropores. This new upgraded coil system creates a more consistent and smoother vape with a great flavour.

DOT PRO Device Notice

DOT PRO compatibility with the original DOT

The new DOT PRO Device is very similar in size and shape but there are some subtle differences. This does mean that the DOT PRO is NOT compatible with the existing DOT products, which will be phased out over time. This means existing DOT Pods will not work with the DOT PRO battery and vice versa. It does however, mean that the device is set up for various brands to come on board with DOT PRO, giving you a larger choice of well-known brands and flavours, as well as wider availability.

DOT PRO Features

What has stayed the same between the DOT PRO and the original DOT?

  • The DOT PRO Vape Kit still uses magnets to click the pod in place so eradicates any threading issues and simplify changing pods
  • It still has a quick charge time of 45 minutes and uses the 350 mAh battery.
  • All the original DOT flavours will be available in the new DOT PRO pods.
  • Our DOT PRO flavours continue to use 20 mg/ml nicotine salts. Delivering a much smoother throat hit compared to freebase nicotine. It’s also absorbed into the bloodstream faster. Meaning you can use a higher concentration of nicotine to satisfy your craving, without the harshness.
  • We continue to use the industry-leading 2 ml pod, offering the most competitive price per ml of liquid on the market.
  • Lightweight, stylish and discreet device
  • Exceptionally low maintenance device

The DOT PRO is easy to use, compact yet powerful. Simply click the pod in place and you are ready to go! This makes DOT PRO an ideal starter kit for new customers trying to switch from smoking who want a simple to use device.

Purchase to the NEW DOT PRO device here liberty-flights.co.uk

The Wonderful World of Absinthe


As the E-liquid Development Manager at Liberty Flights, I find myself on a constant quest looking for inspiration for our next new flavour launch. This gives me the perfect excuse to be eating and drinking about the office and claiming that it is a ‘necessary part of my job’. Inspiration and influence comes from lots of places and I do enjoy immersing myself into a world of flavours.

Cordials (big influence on the XO Temperance Range), ‘mocktails’ and even the odd cocktail are the perfect starting point for considering blends and complimentary flavours that I might transfer into our lab and only then can they be considered to become a part of the XO e-liquid range.

Customer feedback also has a big stimulus on what we produce, after all you do know best. It was evident that we had a gap in our range that was Absinthe shaped; the volume of requests coming through was evidence of this. So I couldn’t disappoint the Liberty Flights customers could I?

I set about my research and found that absinthe had a very intriguing and peculiar past. History, dating back from the dark ages, named this tipple “la fee verte” (the green fairy) and is one of mysticism, magic and enlightenment. It was believed to induce an inexplicable clarity of thought, increased sense of perception and enhanced creativity. This started our journey into this fantastical world (with the odd tipple ingested for research).


I embarked on my quest to re-create the magnificent absinthe flavour with the help of our team of ‘flavourists’. We created a perfect absinthe base as a starting point but also needed some good combinations of flavours that would work well with the distinct absinthe notes. Too subtle and the absinthe would drown out others flavours; too bold they would be fighting for space! We decided a trio of flavours would work well together, offering three distinct flavours that would entice even the non-absinthe fans amongst us to try these e-liquid elixirs. I wasn’t even an absinthe fan myself beforehand… but I am now reformed!

After many different flavour combinations, some good, some great and some quite right, we finally had our winners after many weeks of creating, tweaking and opinion seeking.  Juicy apples and elderflower (Enchanted Orchard), sweet zesty oranges (Lucid Dream) and a mixture of delightful dark berries (Violet Moon), were our perfect infusions. Now the secret was to get the right balance and that’s where the forum really helped. Fifty samples of each flavour were sent out for testing and the feedback certainly made an interesting read. The reviewers were really helpful and gave us an insight as to what they expected from an absinthe range. Then with a bit of fine-tuning here and there the Absinthe Collection was born into the Liberty Flights collection.


The XO e-liquid elixirs were ready. As we became increasingly caught up in the magic and mystique that this centuries-old tincture evoked (nothing to do with the odd tipple here and there or perhaps it was) our story began to reveal itself. Our design team had plenty to work with and they really went to town creating sumptuous artwork that really captured the spirit and essence of what we wanted to produce. The final results are the perfect accompaniment for our absinthe infusions.


We hope that you indulge in the e-liquids and share in the otherworldliness that we think we have captured.

Now at the end of our journey, we have a trio of elixirs,
Perfectly blended by our own master mixers.
With the help of the vaping community we smile with glee,
They helped shape the flavours, to the ones that you’ll see.
Behold! Our absinthe beauties are not a bright green,
We believe that our e-liquids should be super clean.
Why add unnecessary colourings just for pure sight?
Just great flavours, no nasties, we believe is just right!
With our notable new 50/50 blend of PG/VG,
You truly must try them for yourself, to see.

We certainly enjoyed this adventure and hope you do too. You can read each chapter of our journey through our discover more button.


Lynsey Taylor

E-liquid Development Manager