How long do vape coils last? And how to make them last longer.

how long do vape coils last

Learn more about coil replacement and maintenance.

There are two recurring costs for vapers – the e-liquid and the coil. However, some vapers aren’t always aware of the importance of the vape coil, or the need to replace it once it’s burnt out.  

We’ll explain how often you should replace a vape coil, as well as provide you with some background on coils, cover how to change them, and offer a few tips to help prolong the life of your vape coils.

What do vape coils do?

There are different types of coil depending on the vape device you use, but they all perform the same function. The vape coil is what turns the e-liquid into vapour. It does this when it is heated up by the battery in your vaping device

How do I tell if my vape coil needs changing?

There are a few signs. One of the most obvious is a burnt taste while you vape, or if your e-liquid stops tasting like it should. Other signs your vape coil needs replacing include your vape device leaking, if the vapour production is poor, if you get a gurgling sound when you inhale, or if your device stops working altogether.

So, how long do vape coils last?

That really depends on how often you vape. Basically, the more you vape, the more frequently you need to change the coil. This varies from about once a week for a heavy vaper to every fortnight for a light vaper. Those who only indulge occasionally could go a whole month before putting a new coil in.

Another thing that can affect a coil’s lifespan are flavourings. Heavy ones like coffee, custard and dessert types tend to stick to the coils and wicks more easily, so they gunk up quicker. 

However, as with anything, the better the quality the longer it will last. If you use a high-quality vape coil, even a heavy vaper could vape for weeks and weeks without the need to replace the coil.

How do you replace a vape coil?

It’s a fairly straightforward process, and once you’ve done it a few times, it will only take you a couple of minutes tops. Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Separate the tank from the battery.
  2. Remove the tank cap.
  3. Unscrew the old coil from the tank cap and clean the cap to dry it.
  4. Screw the new coil in.
  5. Clean the tank, refill with fresh e-liquid and put the tank back together. It’s worth refilling as the old coil might have burnt some of the old e-liquid.

How do you make vape coils last longer?

As we’ve already mentioned, how frequently you vape and the quality of your vape coil will determine how long it lasts. But here are a few tips to save you money by making them last a bit longer:

  • Wet the wick. Once you’ve replaced the coil, leave your vape device in an upright position for a few minutes. This allows the wick to soak up some e-liquid. You can also drip some e-liquid into the holes on the coil head to help saturate the wick.
  • Wait between hits. Give your coil chance to reabsorb more e-liquid by waiting at least three to five seconds between each hit. Firing too quickly could dry out the coil.
  • Don’t run on empty. By always refilling your tank with e-liquid when it drops to a quarter full will minimise the risk of dry firing. 
  • Keep it clean. First, blow away any excess juice on the vape coil. Then rinse it under hot water. Leave it to dry fully, then replace it. Press the firing button until it’s fully heated up. Allow the coil to cool for four to five seconds, then heat it up again. Now you’re ready to re-build your vape and introduce e-liquid again.

Hopefully this has given you a better insight into vape coils, their importance, how often to change them and how to help prolong their life. Happy vaping.

Why does my vape taste burnt with new coil? Get a solution.

why does my vape taste burnt with new coil

How to avoid a nasty burnt taste when vaping.

There’s nothing worse than taking a vape hit and getting that vile burnt taste. Well, there’s actually a lot worse things in the world than this. But in the vaping world, it’s right up there.

Understandably coils can burn out after they’ve been used for a while, but why does your vape taste burnt with a new coil in it? It could be one of several reasons, which we’ve covered off in this article. We can’t guarantee you’ll never get that horrible burnt taste ever again, but at least if you know what to look out for, you can reduce the risk.  

Did you prime the coil?

Priming the coil every time you put a new one into your vaping device is really important. The wick needs to go from completely dry to soaked in e-liquid so that it doesn’t burn and create the unpleasant taste.

Leaving it long enough (at least five minutes) after replacing the coil and filling up the tank could be enough, but you can never be certain if the wick has absorbed enough e-liquid. By manually soaking it, you definitely know you’re good to go.

To prime the coil, simply add a few drops (three to five) of e-liquid directly onto the wick through the top and at the ports around the side, then allow to soak in a full tank before using. 

Are you chain vaping?

Avoid taking hit after hit to give your coil chance to reabsorb more e-liquid. By waiting at least five seconds before firing again will help stop the coil drying out and causing a burnt taste.

Is the temperature too high?

If the temperature on your vaping device is set too high, it will quickly burn off any e-liquid on the wick and start to burn it. Simply lower the temperature to help avoid this.

To further minimise the chance of getting a burnt taste, you could try a temperature control (TC) vaping device. TC vaping devices like the Aspire Archon 150W allow you to set a maximum temperature for your coil. If it reaches this temperature, it cuts the power. So even if you try to vape without any e-liquid, it won’t let you, which prevents the wick from burning.

Is your e-liquid tank empty?

If there’s no e-liquid flowing to the wick it will burn and give you that nasty taste. To help avoid this happening, get into the habit of always filling up your tank when it drops to a quarter full.

Have you got air bubbles?

In pod devices, air bubbles can form around the wick, causing it to burn. To clear them and stop your vape tasting burnt, simply give the pod a bit of a tap or shake.

Are you using a VG heavy e-liquid? 

Some VG heavy e-liquids are too dense for coils that are designed for 50/50 e-liquids or PG heavy e-liquids and they struggle to wick. If you have changed your coil type or e-liquid, it’s worth checking they are compatible. 

Are you using sweet or high-nicotine e-liquids? 

Certain e-liquid flavours, especially those with lots of sweeteners (like custard) or ones with high nicotine levels, can clog up the coil and wick very quickly. Even if you’ve only recently replaced the coil, it might not take long for it to get gunked up, leaving you with the unpleasant taste of burnt paper rather than your favourite pudding. 

Have you got a bad coil?

You might be unlucky and have a dud coil. If you’ve tried the other suggestions on this page and you’re still getting a burnt taste, you’ll just have to suck it up (not literally) and replace it with another new one.

Does your vape still taste burnt with a new coil?  

Hopefully, after reading this you’ve worked out what was causing your vaping device to taste burnt, even if it had a new coil fitted, and now you’re contently sat enjoying flavoursome hits. If not, one of our advisors might be able to suggest something else. Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do to help you.